Rodney Dangerfield on Sex, Carson Show

January 21, 2017

Nothing funnier than Rodney Dangerfield appearing on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Anyone know how many times he appeared. Her the main topic is sex, but FUNNY!

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TRUMP – Election

January 20, 2017

Trump has found a new source for the wall…..
When Trump won the election, 60 million Democrats shit a brick….

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October 27, 2012


 MELKY BAT OVER HEAD800 with words from blanco on top


Remembering MARCO SCUTARO and the Venezuelan

Connection – Melky,Mijares,Abreu

After now more than 20 years of leading the majors in PEDs , it would appear the San Francisco Giants figure that if nobody’s going to stop them  they may as well continue doing what Barry Bonds introduce them to prior to 2002.  Then they were called steroids. Now it’s PEDs or performance enhancing drugs with testosterone being the apparent PED of choice.

Today, there are still strong reminders of the Bonds and Venezuelan era, which continues on with Sandoval, Blanco and Machi still very active on the Squad with Sandoval and Blanco currently in the starting lineup, World Series and all!


How is it that a team without a real power hitter, or a real pitching ace can suddenly take the Majors by storm- and for the second time in three years. And, the numbers just keep improving as the seasons go along. A 37 year old guy named Scutaro, batting a mere .271 mid season when the Giants picked him up from Colorado for next to nothing is suddenly leading the league in batting average – and has been the last few months. On top of that, he only struck out one time in his first 50 plate appearances in the post season. Then you have a normally out-of-control guy named Sandoval hitting three homers in one game off the best pitcher in the majors and hitting another three homers in the post season for a  plus .500 average.  Then you have the usual  weak links of the pitching staff, mid-30s pitchers Zito and Vogelsong suddenly becoming world beaters, along with Casilla, Affeldt and Lopez in the bullpen.


Following Giants’ Melky Cabrera’s suspension for using  PEDs, Balco Founder (remember Bonds?) and probably the leading authority on steroids and PEDs, Victor Conte spilled the beans, explaining exactly how players have been – and can – beat the baseball drug testing. He tells us how a player can inject  up to 4x the normal amount of testosterone we normally have in our blood – and still get away with it.


It’ would appear that the Giants players have taken advantage of the situation while their ownership looks the other way. Other teams not only have paid little attention to this major   story but they are becoming victims to perhaps the biggest scandal in baseball  isnce  1919 and the Black Sox.  


We can go on with more evidence @

Remembering MARCO SCUTARO and the Venezuelan

Connection – Melky,Mijares,Abreu



April 18, 2009

I wish I had used coupons when I was a young man.   The recession is spreading up here.  But I’m going to share something with you:


Don’t let the Recession Cause You Depression! – Jb

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